How I Landed My Dream Internship By Sending One Email

For many of us, applying to internships can be a complete waste of time, let's just be honest. I hate applying to internships before and even now, I still do.

From the research, to searching through descriptions, proofreading the resume to gathering your recommendations, when you reach the actual application process you've already tapped out. 

So as the millennial that I am, I looked for a shortcut, a thing many people tell you to avoid. However in this SPECIFIC situation, finding a shortcut worked out perfect for me... besides, how else would I stand out from the hundreds of other resumes companies receive daily? 

This is when I came up with the idea to just send an email to the company. Worse that could happen is the company won't respond or they forward me to the correct department, right?

This specific internship I've been applying to for the past two years. One of the largest publishing companies in the United States and from my past experiences, I knew this internship was what I needed. However I knew that you don't attain internships at this kind of company by simply applying, I had to be more personable. 

So, after months of never receiving a response (from simply applying), I decided to switch up my strategy. I went on the company's website, found any email relative or close to my interest and reached out to them explaining who I am, what I would love to do for the company and if there are any internships/positions available.

My resume outlined specific keywords that you could find in the job description on the company's site. I also made sure that my past internships outlined outstanding accomplishments and a wide variety of skills. (It's good to be multi-dimensional!)

So from the looks of it, if you are an employer that receives my email, I am clearly the perfect fit for the job so why not respond?

And they did respond!...

About a month went by before they contacted me about scheduling a phone conference, which goes well...

Another month goes by they offer me the internship along with the papers to sign so I am able to receive my start date.

Mind you - I didn't even have to come into the office for an interview!

If you take anything away from this, understand that there are many people out there like you and me competing for that one position. Attaining the proper experience is one thing, but having the creativity to make yourself stand out amongst others is a gift.

You have to be persistent and ask yourself "what can make me stand out amongst everybody else?" It can be as simple as making your subject line more interesting or using exclamation points to grab their attention.

So when you have time, if you are looking to intern for a dope ass company, try sending some emails first. Although what works for me may not exactly work for you, pitch yourself in a way where they have no choice but to respond. Although I know what works for me may not work for you, I've created some specific tactics you can or should use that has worked for me in the past.

Click here for all the REAL tips you can actually use when applying to internships. I know many people try to tell you what to do, but here is what worked for me and I am sure it will work for you too! 


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