Generate More Leads By Using These 4 Tips When Applying To Internships

Okay, so you've gathered all the emails for your prospective companies, now, what do you send to them? What do you say? How can you be yourself and still be professional right?

If these are questions that have been going through your head, let me tell you this. Showing your personality is key when sending emails but you want to be sure to not make it too personable. These are prospective employers who are looking to give you an internship/job, not looking to go grab a bite or drink.

But back to business...

Here are four tips you can use when sending an email to your potential internship employer:

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1. Know How You Want To Benefit The Company

There's nothing worse than hiring someone with nothing to offer. If you want to be apart of a company, know what you want to bring to them or what you want to show them. When sending an email, talk a little about yourself and more about how you'd be an addition to what they already have going on.

2. Start The Email

When starting off the email, introduce yourself, your school and your major. Get straight to the point and tell them your past experience and how it pertains to what the company is missing or should be looking for. 

3. Kiss A Little Ass

After typing briefly about your past experiences and how you can benefit the company, compliment the company. Talk about a recent change or shift in the company and how you feel you can fulfill that void.

4. Mention The Things That Make You A Good Fit

Give some information about you being creative and innovative, willing to learn. Once you include some personable information, let them know that your resume is attached which outlines your experience with past companies. If your resume outlines experience with renown companies, be sure to include that company in the email.

It can go something like this:

I've attached my cover letter and resume where you can find my past experiences with companies like --...

5. Be Understanding With Reverse Psychology 

When ending the email, clearly put that you understand how busy things can get, however you would appreciate to connect with someone in the company even if internships are not available at the moment.

(Many people tend to leave that kind of stuff out!)

6. Thank Them For Their Time

When ending the email, thank them for the consideration and taking the time to read your email. Reiterate that you understand they are busy but you are truly looking to connect as a college student. 

(They love that kind of shit)...

As I always say, what works for me, may work for you so why not try? The world is becoming so much more innovative and it's important to find ways to stand out.

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