Corporate Companies Need Us Millennials, Here's Why

As the job market becomes more and more competitive, there is one thing that stays the same, companies need for workers who do more than what the job offers. 

Companies are beginning to understand the impact of millennials on this day and age and even more that millennials should be the target market of any campaign. Believe it or not, millennials are the most lucrative market and make up at least one-fourth of the total population.

That's at least 80 million millennials!

With that being said, companies are beginning to understand the value of the millennial generation which is why they are looking to higher more millennials than your average college graduate, working their way up the totem pole.

I've interned for a shitload of companies, some that were in my niche and some that weren't. The best thing about getting that experience outside of my interest is understanding that companies are looking for "one-stop shop" employees to do multiple jobs instead of an employee that can only do one.

Understanding that the millennial market is extremely multi-dimensional allows companies to tailor job descriptions that intel things that we do on the daily.

Now as I stray away from our topic, let me bring you back home.

Interning with companies outside of your interest can be quite an experience along with gaining you the knowledge you may need in this competitive market. It is better to know how to do multiple tasks within and around your niche rather than one thing. This is because (as mentioned above) the job market is becoming more competitive and in order to obtain these jobs come with a wide variety of experience.

So why would you simply gain experience in what you are interested in? Try different internships that may intertwine with your niche and watch your brain slowly put together the pieces. 

You will find yourself extremely grateful that you stepped outside of the box and tried something you never have. Besides, we never know the talents we have unless we try something different anyways right?

I guarantee you. If you are a marketing intern with editorial experience or even graphic experience, your resume will stand out more than you think.

Companies are looking for people with wide ranges of experience and backgrounds, so before you begin to apply to internships for your interest, take a look at some positions that might intertwine with yours.

You will definitely thank me later.


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