R&B Singer Johnathan Celestin Talks "Be-You-tiful" Campaign

Being true to yourself in today's society can be extremely difficult because of the world's standard of "beauty". With that issue at hand, many people struggle from self-esteem issues which causes them to search for acceptance in a judgmental society by either acting like someone they are not or distancing themselves from conflict. 

Well R&B singer Jonathan Celestin has decided to take those same issues and discuss them in his latest record, ""BE-YOU-TIFUL".

We caught up with him to get a deeper understanding on the message and this is what he had to say:

"Negativity on social media has caused many of our youth to deal with low self-esteem and even suicide. This is only the beginning because I am starting an anti-bullying campaign where I will use music to create unity..." 

The video features people of all colors, sizes, and ethnicities and is super dope and creative so we want you to check it out. 



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