Can These 6 Things Be The Reason You're Still Lonely As Hell?

Have you ever thought to yourself... why am I still single? You have a degree, nice job, car, home, and yet you seem to be lacking in a certain department in your life? Or let's say you don't even have those things - yet you still find it difficult to find someone worth keeping?

Everyone should have standards of course, but make sure they are realistic. Some of us can be so picky we kick ourselves out the game before we even start.

It's important to be open-minded and vulnerable. But I will be honest, a lot of people I know have these crazy expectations which prevents them from finding someone that actually might be a good fit for them.

Don't be that person. 

Be open, be loving, and don't settle, but be open enough to where you can allow someone in to know more about you instead of springing your expectations on them.

So if you feel you're too good to be lonely, check out these incentives below which might be preventing you from finding the one you want:

1. Poor Communication Skills


It is important to be able to communicate with your partner. This generation is consumed with social media or different technology gadgets, so make sure you spend your time wisely when you are around a loved one and talk a little. 

But also - be aware of not necessarily what you say, but how you say it. As humans, when we feel strongly about something, we have the tendency to express words in ways that can come off a bit too strong. 

Know who you are dealing with, and as much as you talk, listen as well.

2. You're unconsciously selfish


Having selfish traits won't get you far in life. Life is all about compromise. And in anything relationship, it is essential to learn how to compromise and not be selfish. 

Of course their are roles that are played from male to female, but if you do not know how to compromise and you are always putting your needs above your partners, I hate to say it but your mate won't be too happy and the relationship can easily lose it's spark.

3. Past Relationships


We know people aren't perfect. But there's a difference between making a mistake and learning from it, versus making the same mistakes, over and over and over again.

No relationship is healthy with cheating and lying. But if it is healthy, you or your mate are damn good actors. Regardless - you can't let past relationships dictate your heart now. You have to tell yourself that things you've been through are blessings and lessons.

If a past relationship did not work out, it was never intended to. What was intended, that you learn from this so when you come into real love, you are aware of how to deal with situations if they were to arise again. 

4. Low Patience level


Having patience is very key to any successful relationship, and any part of your life. If you find yourself always loosing your patience to the small things, you need to work on that before stepping into another relationship.

We have to strive to understand and communicate with each other. That's what creates long-lasting relationships. So if you are always aggy and impatient - stay the hell out of a relationship until you grow a bit more.

Patience is key in all things.

5. Unrealistic standards


Of course we want to have someone who can balance us out, and have strengths in areas of our lives where we may be weak. BUT.. Are you asking for a bit much?

Are your standards too high that you don't even meet them? Be realistic with yourself. Be aware that a relationship is about growth and everything isn't going to be pitch perfect from the beginning. And if it is - good for you.

But growing into a relationship is also a cool thing so don't be opposed to it. Some of the best relationships started from two people not having everything they wanted. However when they got everything they've ever wanted -- the love shifted to a whole new level.

6. Sex Too Soon


Everyone of course will have their own opinion to this topic. But truth is - giving it up too soon can hurt or help you. So be aware of what's between your legs because everyone doesn't deserve to have it immediately.

Ladies and gents - make the person work for it first!

Unless, you really just want it -- go ahead and live a little. But keep in mind that "living a little" might be the reason you haven't had anybody worth keeping or that wanted to keep you.

So be communicative, be open, selfless and understanding of your partner or prospect. If you feel like you meet some of these standards, switch up your approach and grow a little.

It can help you in the long-run, we promise.


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