No Excuses: Burn Extra Calories, The Easy Way

The summer is here so there are no more excuses. Yet if you are like me and you sit at a desk for majority of the day, these are probably some fun ways you can ensure your not letting all the food sit on you for 8 hours.

Check out some steps from our editor Kerry Green on ways to stay busy and burn calories at work, in a more creative way.

Quick Workout Exercises & Tips at Work: 

1. Where are you parking?

I know well all love to park very close to the entrance of our jobs... but that will stop today! Park all the way in the back of the parking lot. Get to work on time, so that you have time to have those extra minutes to walk into work.


I know what you are thinking.. my office is on the 20th floor. Well imagine how great your legs will look even after two weeks! Try taking the stairs sometimes instead of the elevator. You will see a big difference.

3. Pack healthy snacks

Make sure you do this to avoid going to the vending machine, or loading a plate of donuts for you to eat from the employee break room. When you have these snacks, it will help satisfy cravings if you are hungry.

4. Keep some cash at home

Take minimal cash to work so that you don't spend it on nonsense. Don't order the largest plate for lunch. Stick with a nice chicken salad and fruit if you have to buy lunch.

5. Find random moments to stretch.

It is essential to make sure you stretch out your bones. Keep them nice and refreshed.

6. Use your chair for squats.

Spread your feet at the least, shoulder length apart, squat down so your butt touches the chair and rise pressing your hips forward and squeezing your glutes. 

Hey! Your co-workers may look at you crazy, but just imagine how great your glutes will look after. 

7. Use your desk for desk pushups.

With your hands placed on the edges of your desk below your chest, your feet and back aligned in push-up position, press down and push up allowing your elbows to extend backwards.

Pick random times during the day to do at least three sets of 20 desk pushups. That will 60 desk pushups, and your arms will be looking great! 

Here are just a FEW tips and exercises that you can do around the office.

Remember every calorie counts! So get started, so you can enjoy the beautiful weathe! 

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