You Can Learn A Thing Or Two From TPG's CEO Herberto Horne

"Clothes do not make the man, but they can make the woman's day if worn properly!" 

Appearance isn't everything but it does play an essential role on how you will be perceived! In today's society, some black men are considered to be those who love to sag, smoke, and speak profanity but Mr. Herberto C. Horne is changing the game. When it comes to style, Mr. Horne has taken it to another level and the best part is he's taking the younger generations with him.

TPGent focuses on style, being unique, and owning it. With his "10x10x10 RULE", it's a motto he follows daily that feeds his brand:

"The 10x10x10 rule is simple but very important. The first 10 is for the impression when you walk into a room. People will decide whether or not they will entertain your conversation just by looking at what you're wearing. The second 10 is grooming. People will notice your hygiene and even the firmness of your handshake. Eye contact is important because it illustrates confidence! And the last 10 is for the first ten words that comes from your mouth. Take your time, speak with confidence, and smile!"

Mr. Horne sees life and the events that occur as a professional baseball game being played. He feels that you should always be dressed and ready for the game because you will never know when it will be your turn to play!

"Imagine attending a professional baseball game and right before it starts the announcer says "The game has to be cancelled because both teams are out of uniform! You have to be ready at all times!" 

Mr. Horne is a trailblazer and his contributions will become legendary! A man doesn't have to know fashion to have style so remember: fashion says "me too" but STYLE says "ONLY ME!" 

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