Oh Baltimore: Why This Revolt Will Make Us Or Break Us

Since the killing of Trayvon Martin, the black community has never been the same. We all can agree that since the killing of the teenage in addition to the many other black men who have lost their lives, there has been a lot tension between police and the community.

Click here to see first-hand photos from residents in Baltimore.

Now, if you've been paying attention to the media, there has been yet another outbreak since the killing of Freddie Gray, who suffered a spinal cord injury after police arrested him. With this idea in mind, the outrage from Baltimore's resident has caused so much attention that has resulted in a state of emergency.

If you've been paying attention to the media, at least what I've seen, is a bunch of black people smashing police cars and setting shit on fire. That has been the rage some of us have been feeling and it seems to have traveled from Ferguson all the way to Baltimore.

However the bigger question is... what is right here? We can go back and forth quoting Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X talking about non-violence v.s violence but what is really going to spark the change?

This revolt, at this moment, will make or break us. Some of us black people choose violence and some choose non-violent protest. But what is really going to spark the change? I'll tell you what I think. Baltimore and the surrounding cities are in a cycle. We get angry, we fuck shit up, we scream we want justice, however our own people kill the same people that look like us everyday, some for a reason and some killings for no reason.

So when a police officer kills one of us for no reason, how is it that we become so enraged that another person opposite of our color kills our own, yet we are passive when someone of our color kills our own?

Makes you think right? - I am not justifying violence or non-violence. But we have to think before we start to ruin the place which we live. 

As Kendrick would say, we are walking contradictions.

What do you think? What can really spark a change? What can we do together that can make police officers treat us better? Or is this all a lost cause? Comment below and let me know what you think.

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