The Modern Day Jug: Why Uber Is The Perfect Side Hustle For Students

Uber Uber, who would have known what a great benefit you would become, specifically for college students like myself.

Before I start my minor rant, Uber is a car-service that is easily accessible through your mobile phone. No matter where you are, or what time it is, Uber is a user-friendly and safe car service that picks you up on a drunk night, walk of shame, or even if you want to get from A to B.


This app has been utilized by thousands of people and the best part about it, is it's application process to become the driver. If you are ever in need of any extra cash, Uber is the way and I am going to tell you exactly why:

You Make Your Own Hours

If you have a busy schedule or have time between classes, no biggie. When you are ready to drive, turn on your app and get the driving. Now, I am not endorsing Uber, I know about 5 Uber drivers and they all say the same thing. It is so convenient if you are a person with a busy schedule ready to make some extra money.

You Get Paid Every Week

What better way to get paid? Whether you drive 25 hours a week or 7 hours, you receive a direct deposit at the end of the week. It does not depend on the amount of drivers, but more so the distance the client needs to go. You can make a lot of money in one drive, because it is based on distance rather than time, unlike taxis.

The Application Process Is Super Easy, Literally

All you need is your car information, a background check, no charges of reckless driving and a good condition, clean and decent car. The application process takes 4-7 days, usually sooner, and they let you know soon if you've been approved.

You Can Meet New People - because REGULAR PEOPLE DRIVE THEM

People have all these misconceptions of what they think about Uber drivers, like they are some weird people who have nothing better to do in their life than drive around drunk strangers. However, many people I know say they've met a lot of people. With you having control over where you go to pick up a client, who knows who you will pick up. Many professionals, like myself use Uber often when I do not want to drive, so if you are new to a city and need to meet some new faces, what better way to learn about their character while driving their asses around... right?

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