Work! Pony Zion Talks Vogue Evolution, His Take On Fashion + More

"Talent are skills you maybe trying to prove to the world but your gifts are things the world is telling you to do.... know the difference and Know your calling!" - Pony Zion

What is a performer? Is this just someone who has a great voice or moves well? Is the overall look important? The answer to all of these questions is YES! Mr. Devon L. Webster aka Pony Zion is a performer who is setting fashion trends both on and off camera. Pony Zion is a celebrity choreographer, artistic director and founder of Vogue Evolution from MTV's America's Best Dance Crew Season 4! Mr. Webster decided to share some of experience and let us view the letters L O V E through his eyes.

"When it comes to personal fashion and the dance industry, I don't really feel a level of importance. That's from an observant point of you. I personally believe that fashion is a personal political statement that defines a dancer as an artist. I'm definitely a trend setter. There are those that execute modern day trends so well. Me on the other hand, I care to look like no one but myself. I shop based on how I want to be experience as a individual. Not to keep up with what's happening...... Fashion and style is one and the same. What would fashion be if you couldn't style it and what would style be if you didn't have a sense of fashion."

Being a chameleon is necessary in the dance industry but keeping that fashionable IT factor that separates you from the crowd is essential. It's great to stand out but make sure it's trendy and tasteful. Mr. Webster has allowed his sense of style to shine through even in his personal love life. 

"Love is energy that is transferred. Nerves lost or found but I have a tendency to misplace it. Lol. A time I was in love.....Mmmm. I used to date a guy that was a singer and we would do karaoke competitions that were pretty intense and packed. One day he surprised me by pulling me on the stage in the middle of one of my favorite songs, (So High by John Legend), and sang to me in front of the packed room. I'm pretty shy on stage if I'm not dancing. Lol."

Making a statement and staying true to who you are is hard to do in this industry... But it's not impossible. Knowing who you are and who you belong to will always allow you to prosper because GOD is in control. One of the BEST loves you can ever master is Self Love..



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