3 Ways That Will Make Us Love Our Monday A Lot More

We all can admit that the top of the week is something we all dread. It's something about that Friday that makes us feel liberated, like we have something to look forward to, like anything in this world is possible.

I hope I'm not over doing it, but I know that's definitely how I view my Friday... until Monday is back two days later.

But if you are looking for ways to motivate you a bit more as the weekend comes to a close, here are 4 tips that should eliminate that damn Monday blues.


1. Make A Decision

We've all watched Will Smith's motivational videos at some point in our lives. Where he says:

"all you have to do is decide, who you are going to be and be willing to die for it".

As exaggeratory as this sounds, it's actually the truth. Find something you want to stand for and be willing to die for it. The moment you tap into that greatness, things will become so much clearer and making decisions will be so much easier.

You have to ask yourself, how can I make the world better? What could I do to make someone's life better? Giving to the culture is a larger power you will never understand until you make that decision.

2. Create A Schedule 

Some may think: "a schedule? How the hell is a schedule going to make my life better?" 

Take a minute and just think about that.

All celebrities have a schedule, all wealthy, professionals or even successful people all have schedules. Schedules allow you to prioritize what is most important that needs to be done versus what isn't as important. 

Schedules will create a calmness in your life because you already know what you need to do versus waking up like "what the hell am I going to do today? Hmm, I guess I'll watch a little tv then go to the gym"

Recognize that every wasted moment is a moment you are stealing from yourself to truly be great. - Me, lol

3. Create The Happiness

I don't know about you, but having something to look forward to everyday keeps me going. Whether it is the gym, a meeting, a show on TV, or a blog post I am excited to share, creating something to look forward to will help you get through your day a lot more than you think.

You will find yourself happier than usual, more motivated than usual, and less stressed if you go through that. Creating some type of excitement in your life will change your perception on life itself.

Every moment, can truly change your perception if you begin to train your brain in that fashion.

Set A Goal, Stick To It

There's nothing better than practicing a little self-discipline. Self-discipline is like a muscle, once you continuously work it out, it will become a habit that cannot be broken. Test yourself and prove to yourself that you are discipline by setting a weekly or daily goal.

Whether it is to go into the gym and burn 400 calories in 30 min or sending out an email to someone who you've been meaning to connect with on a daily basis.

Setting goals for yourself dictate your success for the future. - Me, again, lol.

So stick to it, be consistent and before you know it, you will find yourself doing all kinds of things you 'd never thought you'd be doing.


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