#UpOnGame: Meet Courtney T. Irby, Actor, Director And Then Some

"Trust your struggle because all of the time, the sleepless nights, and all the fun you're sacrificing is the grind you need to make your dreams come true!" Courtney T. Irby

Time is precious and it's the 1 thing you can't get back. So how do you spend your time? Have you taken the time out of your day to map out your dreams and aspirations? Or are you spending that time getting a check and building someone else's empire? Whether your answer is yes or no,  here's a young man who decided to follow his own DESTINY and build an empire he can be proud of.

Meet Mr. Courtney T. Irby. An actor, director, film writer, and creator of WhosDrivingHipHop:

"My career started off like most people of the 21st century LOL. I gained a fanbase via Twitter and from there I began to host shows at various colleges and universities. Because of the passion I gained from hosting and entertaining, I decided that I wanted to get into acting/hosting on a bigger stage. So I started my own show/company called Who's Driving Hip Hop where I interview artist in the backseat of luxury cars."

Mr. Irby didn't get this far by just being on Twitter. Once his followers started to increase, he began to brand his idea by allowing himself to become marketable and targeting the audience of his choice.

"Branding is very important because you are your brand. So however you brand yourself is how people will perceive you. So always remember 15 seconds of fame isn't worth it. You have to be careful how your brand is represented because if it displays a negative character, you might not be able to bounce back from that if things don't work out."

 Mr. Irby even allowed us to dive deep into his thoughts by sharing how he is inspired and who's the love of his life! 

"J Cole is one of my inspirations. His music inspires me and gets my creative juices flowing. But what I can say inspires me more than anything is horrible films and reality TV Lol. I'm not here to judge but I do feel like I have a beautiful mind and if people can get noticed from the lack of creativity or pure ignorance, then I should be able to make a living from the beautiful mind I have..."

"I think love is when you care about someone more than you care about yourself and when you care to see someone else's happiness come before your own. Have I found it? The million dollar question lol but I have and it's my films... I LOVE WRITING! I love being able to see what's in my mind being put on a screen... There's no greater feeling." 

This young man is definitely on the right track and his taking all the necessary steps to build his empire. He is taking the time to follow the path GOD has created for him and he's living with purpose. So what's next for Courtney T. Irby?

"I have just released my first film called "Sucidial Thought." This film is about a man and his struggles in life. After having a tough day, he decides to end it all but on this day, all the bad things that happened turned into something good. I understand that suicide is a sensitive subject that we don't like to talk about especially in the black community but I really wanted to bring light to it. Because you never know when change is gonna come so you just have to weather the storm and know sunny days are coming... Thanks for having me! Hukana Mutata!" 


For more updates, follow Mr. Irby on Instagram because in 2 weeks, his film "Beyond Fixated" will be released. 

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