#UpOnGame: Meet James Hatchel, Creator Of GOE Fitness

"Live everyday like you are going to die tomorrow, GOE Hard!" James Hatchel III

Are you beach ready for summer 2015? If not, what's the excuse? Working late? No gym membership? Well it's time to GOE hard with James and GOE Fitness. James is a personal trainer, fitness consultant, and a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. We had a chance to sit and chat with him and this is what he had to say.

 "I started my fitness career working at the YMCA. I loved the YMCA! I grew up going there before and after school and even during the summer. After a couple months of cleaning sweaty machines (not really a good look lol) they placed me over the Youth Strength Training Program. I took pride in being the first influence in these kids lives and showing them the right way to exercise. So from there I started my company and GOE Fitness. GOE is the perfect word to describe my training style and It's pronounced "Go" which implies the pace at which my sessions are kept. I spell it with an "E" at the end because it is also an acronym for God Over Everything."



  James is a healthy and proud vegan showing how changes in his diet has helped to improve many things in his life. GOE Fitness constructs an exercise regiment and nutritious lifestyle for each and every individual. 

"Diet and exercise has the same relationship as gas and a car. If you don't put the proper gas in a car, it won't function properly. The human body has infinite possibilities with proper training and nutrition. If one of those factors is missing then we are just setting ourselves up for frustration. My daily workout routine  switches depending on the muscle group being trained that day. I always drink my special personalized pre workout drink and try to work as hard as possible attempting new exercises, made up exercises, and sometimes failing to lift a desired weight." 

James is true example of what can happen when the body mind and body is disciplined. His hard work and determination is really setting him a part from many "trainers" in the Atlanta area. He has a genuine love for people and most of all GOD. 

"The people I grew up with and went to college with inspired me to be the best I could be. I live to show them that we all came from the same place so with work ethic and doing the will of GOD for your life, anything is possible. GOE Fitness is focused! I'm glad to be helping people become healthy and live better lives. Who knows? You may just see me join with churches implementing outreach programs while we GOE HARD for Christ!"

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