We Can Be A Lot More Productive By Using These 5 Tactics

For many individuals striving to reach a goal, do you always ask yourself i this ever going to work out? Am I even doing this the right way? 

It's questions many entrepreneurs like myself ask ourselves and I've learned as I continue to work that it takes a great deal of mental confidence to silence those questions. And also, as Will Smith would say, "a great deal of focus" to be able to work efficiently and confidently. Rather than looking at the 'what-if's' or focusing on what could go wrong, learning to just go for it will go so much further than we think.

I use to act when I was younger, and one thing this acting agency instilled into me was that you will hear way more people tell you no than yes. With that idea in mind, when talking life, you have to apply that same idea to everything you do. Some people will like what you do and some people won't. 

And that is totally life and totally normal.

I am not sure if you are familiar but everybody isn't supposed to like you and sometimes you will fuck up and make mistakes.

Besides, if everything you wanted to do way easy,

Everyone would be doing it.

And I mean e v e r y o n e would be doing it.

We live in a generation where people do not want to put in the necessary work to get the proper results. They want to cut corners, and get that instant gratification which is cool -but my friends, we are striving for longevity not something for the moment.

And what is worth keeping, does not come easy.

That is why I came up with 5 habits I've acquired that helps me become more productive during the day. These habits are easy and take little to no effort because you can include them in your everyday work life.

So yeah, here are 5 habits to help you be much more productive on a day-to-day basis: 

1. Every morning, get dressed

I used to be the person who would set a full work schedule at home and work at my desk in some comfortable sweats and a shirt. However, I've noticed that me doing something as simple as getting dressed, even going as far as doing my hair and makeup, sets me in a whole 'ready to work' mood. I take my work more seriously because I got dressed for it, and it's something about looking good and feeling good that gets me in work mode.

Don't you agree?

I challenge you to try it for 3 days - and compare how much you get done when you get dressed versus when you are laying around in sweats.

2. Plan your day, get out and get ahead

Who says just because you work means you have to work in the same places? When you set a schedule for yourself, whether it's breakfast, gym, meeting - it is important to have an idea of what you are going to do and when.

If you don't have much to do for the day, try going to a coffee shop or you're favorite restaurant, they all tend to have wi-fi and it allows you to also feel like you've gotten dressed for no reason.

3. Attend an event and make some connections

If you are like me, the key to understanding how to build a power circle is simply by getting out.

Whatever industry it might be, get out and talk to people. You'll find that you are not the only one on the sticky, bump road to success and making a potential friend, might turn into future business.

4. Utilize your social media

Whether your fav platform is Instagram, Linked-In or Twitter, utilizing social media and sending messages to people goes a long way. According to Eghosa Aihie, in one of his start-up businesses called Alumnify, he discussed how a few cold messages ended up getting him up to 60 scheduled calls with industry tastemakers:

During the early stages of Alumnify, my cofounder AJ Agrawal and I failed to get into top-notch accelerator programs. However, that didn’t stop us from finding each program’s mentor list and reaching out.

We emailed more than 150 mentors who led to more than 60 scheduled calls. In fact, the majority of them are still part of our network today.

5.  Keep track of connections and set goals

You can easily forget the amount of connections or contacts you've made when you are out. Be sure to keep track and utilize the notes, reminders, and contact settings of your phone. What works best for me is putting their Instagram account name in their contact in case I forget their face.

Doing what you love comes with consistency, persistence and most of all, focus. Do not go out trying to build a wall (as Will Smith also says), go out and lay a brick, and lay that brick as perfectly as you could lay any brick, if you do that everyday, eventually you will get a wall.

Those same techniques are fueled by setting goals for yourself in all avenues of business and branding. If you want to know more about how to efficiently set goals for yourself without losing your mind, click here.


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