Up On Game With Laci Green: Why Blacks Are Behind In Everything

Honestly, with all of the bullsh*t that has been occurring in America, it is important to understand exactly why blacks are continuously at the forefront of all racial discussion.

This simple video created by video blogger Laci Green, is one of many of her series that cover all discussion regarding sex, relationships, body image and gender at the least (click here to check out her Youtube). She touches on the issues we all know but don't really understand. She answers the questions of: why white names get chosen over blacks, why blacks are incarcerated 6x more than whites but most importantly stating the facts as to why blacks have been behind since the beginning of slavery.

Now, before you click she isn't just any person blabbing on, hailing from Oakland, CA and having attended the University of Berkeley, the girl knows what she's talking about.

Don't believe me?

Check out the video below. She touches on everything from how the system is set up to intentionally target blacks in every American system. Thank me later.

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