Meet Jeremy Copeland, Model, Dancer, Choreographer & Writer

"F*** it and just do what you love. People are watching so give them a show by being the best damn you that you can be ALWAYS!" J. Copeland 

In today's industry, being a one trick pony just isn't appealing. You must be a jack of many trades to make sure your brand is being built and your empire has substance. The talented Jeremy Copeland is choreographer, dancer, model, and writer! With him having his hands in so many pots, SUCCESS is sure to follow. Before heading to Asia, Mr. Copeland decided to share the spotlight and tell us how he's managed to survive in this industry. 

"I started dancing very young. I was homeschooled and I would dance all around the house watching all of Britney Spears, N'Sync, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, and Janet Jackson concerts. I would literally know all the moves so my mom put me in dance classes at Dance 411 Studios as well as the church dance team that both she and Sharon Reid were over at the time. From there I grew to love it. I started teaching, training under more choreographers, moved to LA, and from there, the rest is history. Now I'm on a 14 hour flight to Asia for a World Tour!" 

"Branding is KEY to success. It's the only way your career will flourish as it should. Being in the entertainment industry, about 90% of your success and focus needs to be branding because that's how you expose your talent to others. If you're a dancer, stylist, blogger, etc and you are content with just making enough to just live and want to keep things simple, then your focus won't be 90% branding... But if you really want to make an impact in your field, then it is imperative that you brand youself correctly. It is now 2015 and branding is so easy because of social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat) we have so many outlets to showcase ourselves and talents to the public. All post should reflect what you are promoting and what it is that you do for a living because in this industry people will hire you off the perception you give via social media. For example, the interview I'm doing with you all is a form of branding." 



 Jeremy definitely has great incite on what it takes to be successful in this industry. His knowledge allows aspiring artist to see the world through his eyes and see that talent is one thing but work ethic is essential as well. He's truly inspiring and that comes from experience and those great role models in his life who inspired him!  

"I am inspired by so many people simply because I am always in classes learning from new upcoming choreographers like myself and icons/pioneers in our industry. My inspirations comes from greats such as Brian Friedman (Britney Spears), Travis Payne (Choreographer/Director for Michael Jackson), Tricia Miranda, JR Taylor (Beyonce), Shawnette Heard (Madonna), Aisha Francis (Kelly Rowland), and Kiki Ely! I have so many more I could name but these are the people I wanna shoutout for now."

Jeremy is a real trendsetter. He has danced for many artist and he continues to dance all around the world... But we had to ask him has his great skills been helpful when dancing with the letters L O V E! 

"The "L" word. Lol. Well to be honest, I recently fell in love with someone and it really came out the blue because I really didn't know this person from a can of paint. The more time we spent together, the more I realized how much I liked them and now I can say "I Love You." I love their flaws and everything about them. This person is me, Jeremy Copeland. I really didn't know myself. I was really lost in what everyone wanted me to be in the industry and I became unhappy. But now I'm like **** it! I'm gonna do me and love it. I am still looking for that special one to share my life with because I am 24 and I have a great career so I'm looking to start dating and I'm sure that will come but right now, my focus is Jeremy." 

Jeremy is well on his way to building and leaving a legacy. Dancing isn't what he does, it's who he is! Stay tuned because great things will be coming from this young man.

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