How CelebriTea Is Changing How We View Entertainment Outlets

"You can always get the news but the news with a side of TEA, now THAT's news!" Javon Powe

When it comes to news, most people only wanna hear the juicy things. They want the inside scoop of events, celebrity lifestyles, and a bit of dirt. Some can even say they enjoy drinking TEA just as much as Kermit. Well have a seat because Javon Powe, the creator of Tha CelebriTea has all the latest updates! Let's see what the team had to say about their creative genius.

"Tha CelebriTea is an entertainment media outlet that gives views and insight on their favorite celebrity events, lifestyle, and a bit of gossip. Our creator, Javon Powe has always had an eye in knowing the latest on his favorite celebrity and his passion started to grow stronger over time. In 2014, Javon's passion turned into a vision and that's when Tha CelebriTea was born!"

Mr. Powe and his team is showing everyone that celebrities deal with things just like anyone else. In society today, fans think the money and glamour seen in videos is the life... But Tha CelebriTea is bringing a reality check to the world showing to all that money doesn't mean you're not human.

"Over the years, entertainers influence has grown dramatically. In today's society, we know exactly what our favorite celebs wear, eat, and do 24/7. Entertainers are not and should not be viewed as a staple to model your entire life. We know everyone has their mistakes in life but the entertainers mistakes are magnified more than the average person's. With that, we should model our lives in the way that we rise above them." 

Mr. Powe decided to shed light and spill some TEA on branding, style, and the color that best represents him and his company.

"Branding is very very important! Our site started with our social media page and we're creating and breaking out of the box to make Tha CelebriTea a house hold name."  

"Style can range from several different things and topics. You want a style to be fashionable."

"The color red best describes the personality of my company because it's recognizable and flashy. Red also is a symbol of love and passion." 

To keep up with the latest news and sip the TEA of your choice, make sure you follow Tha CelebriTea on Instagram.

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