Up On Game: Meet Malachi Rivers Lyricist, Actor & Poet

"Arbol de la Esperanza Mantente Firme (Tree of Hope, Remain Strong!)" Frida Kahlo.P

Hip hop music has been an essential part of history and it's constantly evolving. Many people have their preference but one thing they can all agree on is there's a difference between a rapper and a lyricist. 5 time Grammy Award winning artist Lauryn Hill is a well known lyricist and her album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill is an all time favorite! Her powerful lyrics and music has impacted a talented young man by the name of Malachi Rivers. He is a lyricist, actor, and poet whose lyrical content is anything short of amazing! His EP entitled "The Other I" is coming out this summer and many are on the edge of their seats because Malachi is taking music to another level. Let's see what this confident, stylist, but humble artist had to say about his career, fashion and so much more. 

"I've been in the arts all my life studying music and acting. However, my first professional break happened years ago when I got asked to join Jazz artist Marcus Strickland's "Twi-Life" group and travel Europe and the states as the voice of the group. I was the artist who incorporated rap and spoken-word into the mix." 

"Branding is the foundation for every artist in the entertainment industry. Branding will keep you working and creating a name for yourself will transcend beyond a hot song or hit movie. You want people to see something special in you and that's only going to happen if you are honest with your brand. Your music and acting career might not be poppin' at the time but if your brand is strong guess what? Something will happen sooner than you think!"


Malachi is living proof that hard work will pay off in the end. He continues to push past any adversary he may have and allows GOD to lead his path. He's using his social media platforms to IMPACT and not impress! He believes in using his talents and imperfections to inspire people of all ages and races.

"Many have inspired me! I use to study LL Cool J, Will Smith, Common, Queen Laitifah, and many others. However,  I would say that Whoopi Goldberg and Lauryn Hill really got me focused on my art. I would watch Sister Act 2 over and over again. Lol. I just knew I would be in Sister Act 3. Hell, I'm still waiting for it! LMAO! Ohhhh but when I saw Lauryn Hill live during The Miseducation Tour, I knew this is was what I wanted to do. Now that I said all that, it makes sense why I'm a lyricist and actor. Everyone that I studied and is inspired by are both rappers and actors/actresses. There is one singer that inspires me  and that's Janet Jackson. I go hard for Janet! LMAO!"

Tenacity and persistent are just a few words to describe Mr. Rivers. He's focused and determined not allowing anything or anyone stop him. He even gave us some LYRICAL incite on his personal style and love life!

"I'm definitely a stylish guy. I try to rock what works for me and not what's the new line that's being shown during fashion week. If anybody knows me, they know I will find a bargain in a minute. I love rockin' fly shit that's still my style but leaves me enough to get avocado on my Chipotle. LMAO!" 

"Love can not be found. It's not an object to be lost. It's always there dancing around in some shape or form. You have to live a life of love and in return it will come back to you. So no I have not found love, instead I am loving a life of love. Look at me trying to be all deep and shit but you feel me. Well at least I feel me on it! LMAO!"

 Malachi's personality and charm is gonna take him far and beyond what he could ever dream. He has some great things in store so make sure you stay tuned because you will see the name Malachi Rivers in lights really soon!



Photography: Jason Johnson 

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