Meet Harlan Anthony, Atlanta Fashion Stylist Starting Trends

"When things don't go as planned, don't beat yourself up about it. Dust yourself off and keep pushing because the signs are only God's way of telling you he has something greater in store!" Harlan Anthony

Appearance isn't everything but it is very important when it comes to your brand. Is it all about the latest fashions? Or should you create a style that others can imitate? An artist can have great music but a stylist is definitely needed because rocking the red carpet is essential and it can be a game changer. Meet Harlan Anthony! He's a fashion stylist who is pulling looks that will turn heads and please any crowd. While chatting with this brilliant eye and mind, he took us on a journey allowing us to know his secrets. 

"I started assisting a friend of mine on a couple of photo shoots and reality tv shows and even styling clients for different events. When I originally moved to Atlanta in 2008, I started out in the music. I was singing with a group but I realized that wasn't my passion. So then I began to network in the Atlanta area and the rest is history!"

"I think branding is very important. It tells people who you are and plays a role in the industry you're trying to be apart of.  It will also set the tone for how you want the world to see you and also get you the exposure needed. Depending on how you present your brand, you can attract the clients which can expand your network helping you to make a name for yourself."


 Mr. Anthony is not a stranger to the grind and his only competition is himself. He loves fashion, he's focused, and fulfilling his destiny at his own pace. 

 "There are many designers who inspire me and they are Balmain, Alexander McQueen, and Stephane Rolland. I love each designer because they are taking risks carrying fashion to another visual level. Each designer pays close attention to detail, structure, and they're always looking to create something innovative. They love to play with different colors and knowing what looks good on a man or woman. They are willing to take risks and not stay in a box which is important to me in fashion. My favorite stylists are June Ambrose, Ty Hunter, Rachel Zoe, and Brad Goreski. I've followed their careers for as long as I can remember. It's not about who they dress but the hard work and dedication they put into it. I love it that they are very hard on themselves and they aim for perfection. It reminds me a lot of myself because the drive and determination it takes to not only please the client but gain the respect while remaining humble."

"A great quote that I live by is "Fashion fades, Style is eternal." I believe that today's society is trying so hard to keep up with the latest trends or labels that eventually everybody ends up looking the same. One thing I pride myself at is I've heard from others that I always take risks and step outside of the box. I sincerely hate to look like anyone else! Even if I dress down, there will always be something extra added that represents me. I'm very into what's now but I do a lot of research and study different designers and try to incorporate something from each look. At the end of the day, style has to speak to you. It's how you introduce yourself. "

Drive is an understatement when talking about this young man. Things didn't happen for him over night but he was more than willing to put in the work. He has sacrificed a lot of time but it's paying off. Now that his career is soaring, we asked Mr. Anthony about his love life and his future endeavors. 

"Love is not so much as a definition. I feel it's a feeling and it's something that can't be explained but it's a connection between two individuals. It's something you know without it being said. It's when nothing else matters and it's not that High school crush type of love but it's when you genuinely allow yourself to let go, letting your guard down, and trusting that person with all your heart. I've had my share of love but I had to realize in order to get the love I truly deserve, I have to be comfortable with self first. I had to mature and go through some ups and downs in relationships to allow myself to grow into who I am now. I believe in due time, love will find me. I don't want to search for my happiness.... I want it to happen naturally."

"I'm currently working on rebranding myself. I'm working on my image and I really want to make a statement. I feel that now that I've got the attention and respect I needed, it's now time to step it up a notch. I plan on working with some big names as far as styling and also seeking out other adventures I can become apart of. I'm working on different photo shoots and I want to eventually come out with my own line of men and women's apparel. I want Harlan Anthony to be a household name and not just known for one thing but to really branch out and become successful in every thing I put my hands on. I'm literally starting from the ground up to focus on what's missing in this game and bring acknowledgement to it."

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