Meet Brent Obleton: Educator, Mentor, and Philanthropist

"Peace is knowing that you are BEing your full & Authentic Self." Brent Obleton.

Education is something that many races are proud of especially African Americans. There are many people who have sacrificed their lives to make sure that blacks could sit and receive the same education as whites. Is this tradition being carried respectfully in the new millinieum? Of course it is. Meet Mr. Brent Obleton! He is an educator, mentor, philanthropist, and proud member of the Omicron Mu Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Professor Obleton has added a fashionable twist to education. While chatting with this tenacious gentlemen, he decided to share with us his career journey, branding tips, fashion, and so much more.

 "On July 12th 1984 when I was born.... Lol. Let me stop cutting up. My career began when I was a student assistant in the cultural awareness and resource center at Kennesaw State University. Through this experience I realized how much of an impact Student Affairs Professionals had on students and I aspired to do the same."

"Branding is extremely important. I don't think branding is reserved strictly for an organization/company however we personally brand ourselves daily and it is my belief that our personal branding is he foundation of whatever brand we try to build outside of ourselves."

Brent is a shining star and this quality allows him to be very active in his community. He's a mentor, amazing teacher, great friend and loving Christian. He is known for his patience, intellect, smile, and out of the box style! With all of these wonderful qualities, we had to ask this bachelor about his views on fashion and that four-lettered word!!

 "My fashion changes monthly depending on how I feel. My personal style of fashion is very fluid and it can change at any given moment."

"I believe love is active, living, and fluid. Love can be shown in various ways, love languages, and words. And yes... I DO believe I have found LOVE!" 

Strong, determined, and driven are just a few choice words to describe Mr. Obleton. He's using his GOD given gifts to inspire those around him and leave a legacy of his own.

"My faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of all my dreams. I also follow my dreams because  my parents and siblings push me encouraging me to be the best that I can be. My students play an essential role as well. Being around them always places me in a posture of constantly moving forward.... No backward steps!"

"GOD has a lot more in store for me. I'll be starting my PhD program soon and stay tuned because my consulting business is well on its way!" 

Martin Luther King Jr. and Thurgood Marshall would be proud to call this incredible young man their fraternity brother. He's living up to an amazing legacy and he's helping to change and motivate young black men in the Atlanta area. Brent Obleton will go down in KSU history not only as an educator.......but an ICON! 

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