Meet Tre Bazaar, ATL Actor On The Rise & Grind

"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love!" Jim Carrey

Entertainment is something the world enjoys and movies are an all time fav. When it comes to comedy, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, and Martin Lawrence are some the funniest actors and pure laughter is an understatement. Has that light continue to shine in 2015? Meet Tre Bazaar! Mr. Bazaar is an comedic actor who has taken full control of his career and he's not taking NO for an answer. Tre gave us the inside scoop on his career and what we could expect from him in the future.

"I feel that my career is just beginning because I had to overcome so many things. I come from a place where it wasn't cool to be different. It was a place where my opinions didn't matter as much as my masculinity. There was a significant void for orginiality and it took many years for me to digest that but once I did, I realized that I was that CHANGE!" 

"Since I moved to Atlanta, I've began to do extra work in movies and television. I'm currently the creative director for an upcoming web series titled "Frank's Diary"and I have an offer for a correspondent job on a local TV show set to air this fall!"

Tre is the true definition of a FIGHTER. He has overcome a lot of adversity to get where he is now but he didn't do it alone! 

"GOD is a major part in my decision making. I pray all the time and I trust that he will guide me to my destiny. Whether you're religious or just spiritual, find a higher being and began to believe." 

Focused, loving, prayerful, and driven are the characteristics Tre possess. He's determined to be that next beacon of light that shines and paves the way for others. Many things and people have inspired him and one thing is certain, he won't be giving up! 

"My inspirations are Martin Lawrence, Jim Carrey, Queen Latifah, and the list goes on. I love comedy movies, shows, and of course Saturday Night Live!"

"The sky is the LIMIT!! My goal is to become a successful comedic actor and I'm excited to see it in full circle!" 

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