What Social Media & Caitlyn Jenner Is Doing To The Minds Of Millennials

There's has been a lot of circulation on whether Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner's sex change is justifiable. Whether you are in support or not, there is one thing that we all can agree on, CJ has definitely broken barriers and damn near the internet.

Now, I have never been a homophobe or an individual against self-expression. I respect CJ for coming out in his truth, however it becomes an issue when the sex change becomes something that has taken over social media when there are plenty of other things happening in our culture.

Do I respect his change? Yes because I understand what he is saying about living a lie his whole life. Not only was it a brave move, but it also will push others in his situation to come out and be who they truly are.

Let's be honest, many people live out their whole life as a lie never recognizing being who they truly are. So why hate the man for coming out in his truth? If you couldn't be who you truly wanted to be, wouldn't that affect you too?

But, let me play devils advocate...

Do I agree with the constant circulation of his sex change when celebrities like Akon launch "Solar Academy" which will supply electricity to over 600 million people in Africa?

No, I don't.

As a young individual, there are some things we need to keep in mind as we maneuver through the world. 

Everything isn't worth our attention. Why? Because social media is powerful.

If we do not keep in mind what we put our energy into, we will eventually find ourselves addicted (if you aren't already) to this digital world that truly does not exist.

Our knowledge will decrease because we'd rather scroll online than pick up a book.

Our morals will decrease because we'd rather take the easy route than actually work for it.

Our idealisms will become defected because instead of using our own judgement, our judgement will be fueled by what others think 'looks good'.

At the end of the day, I say all of this to say I do not hate Caitlyn Jenner. I admire the courage, however there are bigger and more important things to keep in mind while we dedicate our time to his/her/whatever sex change.

We have lives that we need to keep in mind. We are liable for our well-being... no one else.

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