Should The Person You're Dating Know Your Body Count?

Women lie, men lie, we've heard the saying plenty of times. However, who's to say that while dating your mate should know the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


Whatever your opinion may be it's time to put that on a pause and listen. Because I've found it extremely uncomfortable to be honest about body count.

Yeah - the two words you usually toggle with when it comes to being honest with your partner.

Now if you are unfamiliar of what that is. It's basically the number of people you've had sex with. Whether that's oral, anal or whatever you are into - its a touchy subject and too many a bit too personal.

So the question existing is while dating should you reveal that information? Are you ashamed or are you proud of your number?

Is there like a cut off to how many people you should reveal to your partner?

Whether you are following my questions or not - here is my opinion. Do what you want and say what you want. But also remember, although people ask for the truth, sometimes they really don't want to hear the whole truth.

Here are 10 reasons to keep your body count to yourself.


1. Your body, your numbers.

It's your body, who cares how many people have taken a dip in it? That's your personal information and you don't need to share it unless you want to.

2. They don't want the whole truth.

Trust and believe the ones that say that don't care, truly do. And when you tell them, they might go a bit crazy or simply get turned off.

3. It's too many to remember.

I mean can I call you a freak a leak? Does that word still exist?

4. You don't want to be judged.

Which is completely natural. We all have this thing we hold deep down because we are afraid of what someone might think. And when we are talkin' body count, that's a touchy subject.

5. Wrong time to have the conversation.

I mean there's a place and time to discuss this. Ask the question when we are laid up, eating popcorn watching Empire... after 3 years of knowing me... right?

6. Does oral count?

Whether you give it or get it? Does it even count at sex? Well, if that's the case I'm not sure, which means I shouldn't say anything.

7. You are a secret virgin

Come on, nowadays people run the opposite direction of virgins... at least I thought. To be honest, I wish I was still a virgin. With taking virginity comes great responsibility. So not saying anything will help the awkward conversation of if you will ever have sex or not.

8. It gets you nowhere

What will this person really gain by knowing my numbers? Omg you had sex with 7 people... okay. Seems pretty pointless.

9. It defines your character?

Sometimes, it's best to keep some things on the low. A body count can tell someone a lot about what kind of person you are or what kind of person you've been. And I don't know about you? But bringing up a body count might bring up way too many memories. Let's just dead it? Please?

10. It might reveal a past you don't want to discuss

You tell the person then they hit you with the... 

"So do I know any of the people you've had sex with?"

No no no. 

How about we just forget all of this by not even asking further questions. Right?

I'm pretty sure others have said a lot of crazy things, so tweet me and let me know! If not, comment below and tell me if you think it's cool to let a person know your body count or not.

I'm waiting! 

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