Okay, Start To Lose Some Extra Weight By Using These 5 Tips

I love to eat. Yes yes, that's actually one of my talents. But when you don't know the difference between what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat, that's when we have a problem.

It took me forever to realize the importance of what you put in your body. What you eat is literally what you are and your body will be a mirror of that. It dictates your skin, your weight, your energy, and even how your shit smells... I know TMI but food is important haha.

In other words, eating is super important. So here are some tips we need to know that will help reach your fitness goals or at least get you well on our way there. 

1. 3 Meals 3 Snacks

What's even better is if you treat your snacks like a meal. Here's what Stephanie Pappas, food and fitness blogger had to say about snacking:

Snacking is often the main culprit of weight gain. It’s practically become routine to grab a bag of chips on the way to work. When you’re in that “snack mode,” it’s easy to mindlessly eat while you’re standing up or walking around. Try sitting down at a table, preparing your snack and taking a few minutes to enjoy it.

Acknowledging what you are consuming can help you savor and process what you are actually eating.

2. Drink tons of water

We've heard this plenty of times, however one thing I've started to realize is not only does water help you lose weight, it also has plenty benefits specifically pertaining to skin. Ask any person who is into fitness or has a glowing face, the secret behind it all is quite simple... 


Also, water helps to fill you up which curves your appetite. Most times if you just ate and you are still hungry or at least your stomach feels a bit empty, its due to dehydration.

But what if water is too boring? Add some cucumbers, lemon and or strawberries to it. Infused water is not only healthy but its tastier as well. So grab a canteen, chop it up and drink!

3. Shop smart

If you know you shouldn't be eating any junk, don't buy it.

Not having access to these kinds of foods will not only help you stay on a straight line to a healthy lifestyle but will help you replace the junk with more healthy alternatives. Also, if you shop on the outskirts of the grocery store, you will find that a lot more healthy foods are placed there.

So stroll around and take your time while shopping, keeping junk out of site will help you keep it out of mind.

4. The 80-20 approach

This is an idea from food and fitness blogger Stephanie Pappas, and it makes very great sense:

Too much of anything is never good. Although healthy eating plans are great, they can sometimes make us obsessive.

Avoid this trap by taking an 80-20 approach: Eat clean, real and natural foods 80 percent of the time and leave a 20 percent buffer for when you are socializing or need a small treat.

5. Work out, duh

Depending on your body type and fitness goals, there are different tips to give on how much cardio to do versus how often you should lift weights. I am not a fitness specialist, however this is what works for me.

I want to tighten and lose weight not necessarily gain muscle because I am not interested in becoming the Hulk, so I do cardio 3 times a week and weights 3 times a week. On the days I do cardio, I incoporate HIIT, which is High Intensity Interval Training.

What this means is I'll do fasted-state cardio for 20 min or steady-state cardio for 30-40 minutes then incorporate box jumps, burpees, and additional workouts to push me to use my full body.

Here is what I sometimes group together:

Back & Butt | Cardio & Abs | Triceps & Biceps | Cardio & Legs | Abs & Lower Back | Plain Cardio 

Again, this is what works for me, but working out plays a huge part and I happen to notice that lifting weights does my body more justice than cardio.

So go to the gym and try different workout techniques. If you are not gym-savvy, look up different workouts to target different areas or hire a trainer.

Either way, these tips will help you get and keep your summer bod.

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