Good Cop vs Bad Cop: What's Right And What's Wrong

Finally, the Selby Police Department in South Carolina have made an arrest on 21-year-old Dylann Roof who has now admitted to killing 9 black people in a Charleston church on Thursday (June 16).

However, that's not all we're here to talk about today. There have been memes floating around the internet comparing the way police handle white and black arrests.

So the question existing is, what is a right and wrong arrest with race nowadays.

As you see in the picture below the police are walking out of Dylann Roof's house, who was a suspect in killing those 9 people in a Charleston church. As crazy as it may seem he was escorted out of his home alive, non-violently, without a scratch. Some are wondering why his arrest was so peaceful compared to a 14-year-old girl who's head was pushed into the ground for no reason at a graduation pool party. Not only that, but what about the killing of Eric Garner for selling cigarettes?

Can we pull the race card in conversations like this or not? Comment below and tweet me how you feel about the arrest difference.

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