From Broadway to Annie: Meet Young Actress, Eden Sanaa

Being an inspiration in the entertainment industry is essential and you have many people who are setting a standard. The passion displayed should inspire people of all ages and nationalities. Well meet Eden Sanaa Duncan-Smith!

The dynamic female is fireball of a talent who is taking the industry by storm! This charismatic beauty is no stranger to the camera landing roles in the movie Annie and on Broadway (Fences and The Lion King). We had a chance to chat with Eden and this is what she had to say.

"I guess I really can't pinpoint how I started my career in the arts. I was born in it! I started dancing at 2 acting in plays at church and in school by 5. I don't really remember when I started singing but all of that would constitute when I started my career. However, if you mean how did I get started professionally, I would have to say my mom put me in positions to work. I said I wanted to be a princess and she put me in pageants. I said I wanted to be on Broadway and she took me to auditions. My first Broadway audition Lion King and my second one was Fences. Everything came after those two."


From a very early age, Eden was focused and ready to win! This multi talented phenomenon followed her heart which provided the opportunities some can only dream of! Her faith in GOD and humility has opened doors that she can only imagine and things are just beginning. 

"So many talented and hard working entertainers inspire me. Viola Davis, Willow & Jaden Smith, Denzel Washington, Jason Dirden, Chris Chalk, Stephen Mckinley Henderson, Mykelti Williamson, Gabrielle Union, Amandla Stenberg, Zendaya, Usher Raymond, Ruby Dee, Diana Ross, Khadija Nicholas, Judith Jamison, Arthur Mitchell, Shirley Temple, My friends from the Keep The Drama On The Stage group (a collection of young actors who hang out and inspire each other to do better). If you look at my list, they all have or had a certain attitude that helped their talent shine even brighter. They all have a spiritual base which allows them to keep God first in all that they do."

"I just think it's more about how you look at things than how talented you are. I know a bunch of people with talent and it's wasted because they approach it with the wrong attitude. I really try to be considerate, progressive and positive about my life and career. I try to have an attitude that will point to God above all else: Above industry, above popularity, above money."

Eden's sweet spirit is so captivating and her smile will make any mother's heart melt. She has great people in her life such as her parents who are both supportive and they're helping to keep her grounded. Her footprints are BOLD and they treading a path that will bring her much success! Get ready world because Eden Sanaa Duncan-Smith is well on her way!

"The color green best describe me because green is the color of life. It is a color of balance and harmony. It's a color representing growth and renewal. I am all about harmony, growth and restoration."

"I am currently working on music because that's is something I love to do. I have two independent movies that should be coming to the big screen soon. Meadowland (featuring Olivia Wilde, Luke Wilson and Elisabeth Moss) was debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and we recently got international distribution with that. And there is this film called STEPS. Shaquille O’Neal is the executive producer on that and it's a film about restoration and redemption. Pauletta Washington (Denzel’s wife) and Qaasiim Middleton (from American Idol) are in this film."

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