Here Are 7 Things Millennials Should Know In Order To Grow

Entrepreneur, student or professional, this is something we all should know. With jobs becoming harder to obtain while entrepreneurs are deciding they'd rather work for themselves than someone else, lets be honest, everything is becoming fucking difficult.

But it's all good, you know why?

Because from my years of working internships to corporate jobs, as a 20-something year old, I've learned that you truly have to step up in order to stand out. Not only are jobs looking for individuals willing to learn, but if possible, they are looking for a one stop shop.

Someone who can do everything, that won't have to do everything, but will need to if necessary. 

You follow me?

So with that being said. As young millennials there some things that we should know before we apply to that internship, job or hell, even if we plan on simply owning our own business. And if none of that interests you, these tips are something you should simply know... as a millennial:

1. Wake up early

To be the best, if you aren't already, you must pretend that you are. Besides, do you think Diddy or Jay Z are truly waking up at 10AM in the morning?

Wake up bright and early so you can get things done. You'd be surprised at how much you can accomplish when the world is still sleep.

2. Learn something... anything.

When was the last time you picked up a book? Learned something new? The last month? The last couple of months? However long it's been, it's important to feed your brain as much as possible.

Knowledge is truly powerful.

3. Master becoming a quick-learner

Learning quickly is something many people already have within them. Like myself, you can show me something 1-2 times and I'll get it.

If you aren't that kind of person, practice paying attention to the small details of things rather than the bigger picture. The more you do that, the quicker you can learn.

4. Work on projects that scare you

Challenging yourself is the best way get over whatever fear you may have. I've always been told that whatever you fear doing the most, is usually what you have to do.

Challenge yourself, if it doesn't challenge you, it definitely won't change you.

5. F.O.M.O is the enemy

Who said free weekends are really free? Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you have to have some will-power.

Fear Of Missing Out is one of the main reasons many don't reach their full potential. While you are out, you could be at home, working towards your purpose.

Don't get me wrong, this is a mindset that you have to adapt to... so if staying home to "work on your purpose" is something that doesn't interest you, you are reading the wrong article my friend.

6. Master the art of networking

If you are a little lost on how to efficiently network, check out my article, How To Network, The Right Way. That article gives you specific tips on how to work the room and make connections. 

The thing about networking is the more you practice, the better you become. And I don't know about you, but making connections is the best way for people to meet you quickly in any setting.

7. Discover your Personal Legend

My favorite book (in which I am still reading, but it's still my favorite) is The Alchemist. In the book it tells you about discovering your personal legend. 

What that means, is your passion. Discover what you are here for and once you do, the universe will get out of your way.

Just decide what you want and who you want to be... and work towards it every day.

IT'S THAT SIMPLE. With a little will power and motive, you will find yourself living your purpose, to YOUR fullest extent.

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