Sexy Summer With Davon Allen: Fitness Trainer and Coach

Staying fit is a task that many attempt but some find it hard to stay consistent. Georgia now has the 18th highest adult obesity rate in the nation, according to The State of Obesity.

Georgia's adult obesity rate is 30.3 percent, up from 24.5 percent in 2004 and from 10.1 percent in 1990. Well meet Davon Allen. Davon is a personal trainer and Herbalife health coach who's fighting against obesity with diet and exercise.

Here's some information from Davon about his life of fitness and tips for living a healthy life.

"I got into the fitness industry in 2011. After years of trying improve my physique, strength and endurance, I was finally able to understand the science of the body works alongside exercise and proper nutrition. I wanted to share that information with others became a strong passion, and entering the fitness field as a profession was inevitable."

"Diet and exercise go hand in hand. For some people, genetics work in their favor no matter how they eat or train. For the rest of the world, the key to being healthy, energetic and in shape is a balance of proper nutrition and exercise. Very rarely can you out train a bad diet, or starve your way to being in shape. It takes eating according to your specific fitness and health goals and targeted training to achieve your desired effects the smart and healthy way." 


Davon is not willing to be a statistic. He's determined to beat the stats by takning a journey that many people fear. He's tackling this thing called HEALTH and he's allowing other people to come along! His character and charisma inspires many but most of all, his heart and love for others seals the deal!

"Many people ask for what is my daily workout routine and my response is usually "I could teach you, but I'd have to charge!"  LMAO... No - Seriously, I like to switch it up and go with muscles to target in mind, but I structure my workouts in my head after I warm up. I workout according to how I feel that day, making sure to challenge myself and keep it spicy. I always start with a mild warm-up to get myself going, followed by weight training, and I end with a core workout. I train for whatever goal I'm going for at the time - examples being leaning/cutting for the summer months, focusing on gains for the winter and increased endurance training for marathons or obstacle races. "
" I am inspired by anyone who demonstrates that limitations are false, and all mental. Seeing anyone achieve what they set out for, despite the odds, lights a torch of possibility strong enough to pass to others. Any successful person, or anyone who has overcome anything detrimental or anything that was deemed impossible, activated a higher power in themselves to make things happen in the way then envisioned - no matter what it took. We're convinced to believe we are not powerful, and many accept this and operate within that realm. Those who we look to, praise and are inspired by are no different than us, only in the sense that they have tapped into something internally that ignites a passion that will not stop until their goals and desires are met. We all have the same 24 Hours each day. How we utilize them depends on our beliefs. Those who truly understand and believe in who they are tend to be unshaken by opposing beliefs, and are persistent and steadfast. Those individuals "GET IT"... and they WIN." 
" I'm also inspired by originality and authenticity. Anywhere... In people, cars, architecture, art, music, business models, etc.  It's refreshing. Sometimes one or both can even seem little crazy, but that widens the spectrum a bit and provides a different  perspective on many levels compared to what is widely accepted. That's how we advance and shake up the world."

Fitness is not just a routine; It's a lifestyle. Davon is living proof that determination and discipline will get you the results you're looking for! Except great things from this trainer and coach because GREAT things are on the horizon.

 "There are a few big projects that are in development that I'm really amped about. I like to keep things under wraps so I won't share too much, but a couple of them are fitness apparel, swimwear, major media exposure, and massive growth with and within the fitness community!"

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