How Smokey Robinson's Speech Was A Message To Lost Millennials

"You didn't start this. You were not the first in line. The line starred way, way, way, way, way before your great, great, great grandparents were born. Also, you are not the end of the line. So don't be so full of yourselves."

If you were in tune to last night's BET Awards there were many memorable moments. One of the most memorable, specifically for myself was Smokey Robinson's speech as he received his Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Not only did I fall in love with music all over again as Tori Kelly, Robin Thicke and Ne-Yo touched the stage to pay homage to the legend, but also the words of encouragement after he received his award. That exact speech is one that will go down in history, because he had to explain to young people that although this is the life that you are living, you have to humble yourselves because you are not the first and you will not be the last.

If you missed the heartfelt speech, check it out below as the OG drops coins on us millennials:


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