The Benefits Around Surrounding Yourself Around Benefits

I just wrote an article about the 5 investments you can make in your 20s. In that article, you will see that I talk about the mantra, 'you are who you surround yourself around'.

If you do believe that to be true, we are definitely on the same page. However, if you are one of those people who are okay with being around your mediocre friends, that is fine as well. This article isn't for you.

But again, if you are like me, you know in order to elevate your situation, you elevate your friends or you elevate your status. Surrounding yourself around people who can benefit you can do two important of the many things:

1. They Can Teach You Something New

2. You Can Teach Them Something New

I say this because we can believe that if we surround ourselves around people who are all important or successful, that we don't serve a strong purpose.

When you actually do.

When WE actually do.

Surrounding yourself around benefits can teach you new things, which does not need to be discussed because that's a given. But also, surrounding yourself around benefits can also boost your self-confidence in teaching them something they may not know.

That small boost of self-confidence will not only earn you a spot at their table but also a monetary venture.

When you surround yourself around dope people, you must know you are just as dope or just pretend that you are. 

The best kind of people you can surround yourself around are people who can elevate you. So just take a second and look at your circle.

If you aren't where you want to be, you might want to consider placing yourself in circles of people you also can learn from.

Just think about it...

I guarantee you things will change.

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