‘Gotta Shine This Year': 6 Tips Drake Can Teach You About Success

You love Drake, I love Drake, we all love Drake. And as crazy as it seems, Drake has a sh*tload of tips we can use in our everyday lives we might bypass while singing his latest records.

Don't believe me huh? 'It's just Drake, lightskinned Aubrey from Degrassi'... Noooo. This is not. 

Here is an excerpt of an article written by Adam Ali discussing a couple tips Drizzy has already taught us. To read the full article click here.

 1. Be real.

Drake doesn’t hide the fact that he isn’t from “the streets,” but also reminds us that he is just as street smart as any when he raps, “Takes a certain type of man to teach, to be far from hood but understand the streets.”  

In life, we will always be put in situations where we will want to conform to certain peer pressures or groups, even though we know it isn’t who we are. Just remember that you can only keep up appearances for so long before others catch on.

Being you — the real you — is all you can be. You will not only gain the respect if your peers, but also attract the right kind of people into your life.

2. Ignore the haters.

If anyone knows how to deal with haters and controversy, it’s Drizzy. He is constantly teased by haters and critics for being “soft,” because of his introspective and emotion-laden tracks.

“I’m just being me, and part of being me is being in touch with emotion. That’s all I write about. If I didn’t write about my emotions, I don’t know what else I would write about.

“I’d make songs about generic things that nobody could relate to and I probably wouldn’t be in this position that I’m in right now.”

It's actually a really great article. Read the full article here.

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