Meet Aaron Wilson: Motivational Speaker And Artist

"You were created with a purpose, no matter what you been through, you can live out that purpose and dream!" Aaron Wilson 

Being a role model is the 21st century can be difficult but many are finding ways to reach people across the world. People are inspired by those with ambition, drive, and the faith to never give up. Meet Aaron Wilson! Aaron is an motivational speaker and artist who is using his music to not only reach but heal those who listen. We had a chance to chat with Aaron and he gave us an inside scoop on his life and career.

"I started my career actually speaking as a motivational speaker; speaking at organizations and non-profits. I then at that point realized I had a deep passion for music as well and wanted to pursue it fully."

"The stories my music will illustrate will be pieces of my life that could be a healing or testimony to others. From general topics to deep topics. Stories about hope, pain, insecurities, love."

 Aaron passion for helping others ignited causing him to turn his speeches into lyrics. he has allowed his faith in GOD and those around him to keep him lifted while inspiring him to be great!

 "Oh boy this is a tough one…There are so many people. God inspires me. My family, friends, other artists and speakers. Watching a really good film that was crafted inspires me greatly as well. I guess I am inspired from all types of people."

 "The color that represents me and my work ethic is Teal. Maybe I’m just saying that because that’s my favorite color right now (lol). But teal is a strong amazing color, but at the same time mellow and relaxed and level headed. It’s bold and calming all in one. It prevails."

Aaron is focused and determined to help people get through life and experience healing. When asked what was his next move, this what he decided to share.

"Well I am releasing my second single this month! Then working on the music video! I am excited…I actually might be looking to sign with a manager soon…who knows? Until then I am singing and creating!"

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