Interning 101: How To Take Full Advantage Of Your Fall Internship

I've interned for so many corporations - I've lost count of them all (sadly). But one thing is for sure, if I knew what I knew now about the importance of making connections and taking advantage of the opportunity, I'd probably be working for one of those companies today.

The last thing I want is for you, my lovely reader, to make the same mistakes I made while interning. Some of the smallest things we seem to take for granted. We feel that once we have the internship, it's smooth sailing and all we need to do is finish the tasks at hand to the best of our ability.

However, looking back and realizing the opportunities - I've correlated a couple key points written and created by Danielle Bertoli who gives us insight on making your internship is everything plus more.

Not only that, but by following these steps, you will be able to go from intern to employee by standing out and showing that you are the perfect fit for the company.

Interning, whether paid or unpaid opens many opportunities, so take into consideration all possibilities, go in and kill it:


1. Be Punctual

Arriving to work not only on time, but 15 to 30 minutes early will increase your chances of getting noticed.

It shows your employer and coworkers you are taking your internship seriously, and have a prominent work ethic. It also exhibits passion and motivation. (via)

2. Be Grateful & Show Enthusiasm

Showing your employer that you are interested in your position and you are open to learning will set you apart quicker than you think.

Everyone loves to be around people who are positive and exudes great vibes - when you enter into your internship position, whether your day is going good or not, be happy and always be open to learning.

The more you take on, the better.

3. Professionalism

There are levels to this. But overall, any internship you take on, you should always be professional at. 

From the way you communicate with your employers to fellow interns, exuding confidence and professionalism is key in landing an internship and keeping it.

4. The Relationship with Your Supervisor

Scheduling routine meetings with your supervisor is a great way to develop a strong relationship with him or her.

If you’re unsure of how you’re doing or if you’re meeting the company’s expectations, send an email and set up a time when you both can discuss your progress.

After speaking with your boss, set personal and professional goals for yourself to achieve before the end of your time there.

Show your supervisor you can take constructive criticism and are able to adapt to new ideas. Exhibit an ability to take on the role as a leader, but also as a key player of the team. (via)

5. Memorability

Companies are always in the process of evolution and adaptation.

If you find something you think would benefit the company, such as eliminating or adding a specific company policy or creating new methods to increase profitability or work production, come up with a plan to tell your supervisor.

It shows motivation and drive when you exceed the responsibilities expected of you, and you will make your mark not only as an intern, but as an up-and-coming employee. (via)

Disclaimer: The tips are credited to Danielle Bertoli, contributor to Elite Daily - click the link to check out additional articles:

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