5 Things To Keep In Mind When Building Your Personal Brand

There are many talented artists in the world and so many of them have found success in several areas. Whether it is music, fashion, or acting, they all have pushed past the ups and downs making a name for themselves.

Those aspiring to follow in their footsteps often wonder how can I achieve these goals? What can I do to make sure my voice is heard?

Well the answer is simple……. Improve your B.R.A.N.D.

I've compiled or I'll say created 5 ways to improve your brand. Take a look below and let me know what you think:

B- Build a BUDGET

Producers, photographers, musicians, and stylists cost money. Many “artist” use the word “intern” to get people to work for them without any pay. THAT IS A NO! These creative beings are investing their time and artistic ideas to help you improve your presence via social media and so much more. There should be some money or opportunities in place and this way everyone can both eat and WIN!

R- Having Self RESPECT

As an artist, social media platforms are essential. When it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Twitter, everything you post or have posted reflects you! Make sure you surround yourself with a team of people who are willing to push you to the next step. When building your team you must keep in mind that not all close friends and family will be BEST for the job. YES men and women is SUICIDE to your career. If you’re a model, have pictures of your portfolio and if you are a singer/rapper/producer, post a link to your sound cloud/YouTube  displaying quality videos and music!

A- Adjust your ATTITUDE

Being able to take direction is a must in this industry. Several “artist” have this “I have arrived” attitude and it can be a turn off. Some even list things such as “Singer, Songwriter, Choreographer, and Vocal Coach” in their profiles and it is not what they specialize in. It is important to know your strengths and where you are weak, build a strong team around that. Your talent will get you noticed but your attitude will keep you there!

N- Learn to NETWORK

Having “famous” friends will not make you special. You should still be networking and taking advantage of opportunities presented to you. Knowing the business side is the most important part. The people who usually make the decisions are not the ones in front of the camera. A random conversation with someone who you do not know could open the doors you have been praying about. Instead of being part of a clique or group, talk to as many people who are willing to listen because your fans are huge part of your success and career.


There is always room for improvement. If you are a singer, get a vocal coach, find a stylist, and a real producer. If you’re a model, build a portfolio showing variety. This is why networking and attending events are so important. There are companies such as R & B Branding (Atlanta based) right in your city that is willing to connect you to people that can help your dream become a reality.

So what steps are you taking to build your B.R.A.N.D? It is 2016 and it is time you stop playing artist. Many give up because they feel that it just is not happening but are the necessary steps being taken?

In the words of P. Diddy “There is always someone in life who is trying to take your spot. You can either step up or go home!”

Take these points to heart and if you have any questions about how to improve your brand or comments, feel free to ask us below or subscribe to the website to receive free "How-To" guides on how to elevate your personal brand!


Writer: Kerry Kilpatrick


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