Yeezy, Jay & Clinton: 3 Kind Of Friends You Need In Your Life

Good friends, bad friends, potato, potato. We all have them. And although some people might think that keeping these kind of people in your life might be a bad thing, these kind of friends are more of a benefits than you think.

DJ Khaled has been making his way across all of our smartphones and as inspiring yet to some "unconventional" he may seem, the man kind of has a point. 

He talked about how "they" don't want you to win and how you need to look out for "they"... well, we think we have a pretty good idea on who "they" might be.

We've came down to haters and higher powers, which all circle back too... haters. THEY, to me, means an individual that simple doesn't want to see you win... and in DJ Khaled's defense with his new found talent for snapivation (motivation through snap), they hate is only getting bigger.

So in honor of Khaled and myself, here are the 3 kind of friends THEY don't want you to have:

1. The Kanye Effect

 You hate him, then you love him right? We all need that friend that doesn't mind speaking up, no matter the time nor place. 

The fact that Ye is a Gemini, supports our theory that he is exactly that, two people in one, fighting something everyday yet finding something to continuously live for... which can sometimes make you crazy.

At the end of the day, that exact craziness, passion or whatever you choose to call it, makes Yeezy exactly who he is. He is creative, outspoken, aware, and observant of his market, his fans and most importantly... his haters.

And I don't know about you... but that's a damn good friend to have.

2. The Hov Effect

Jay Z has the money, fame, the "perfect" woman, a growing baby and a flourishing business all built from the ground up.

Who wouldn't want a friend like that?

It's something about a self-made millionaire that many people can't stand. Whether its the businesses he's constantly opening in sports and real estate or even the fact that he can sit amongst the most renown men in the world and still be respected.

Sometimes, that kind of power doesn't sit well with people. But Jay Z has absolutely no problem showing people that he is just that, a business man from the projects who has built everything he has from the ground up...

And people hate to see those kind of people have that kind of power.

3. The Clinton Effect

Who doesn't love a respectable person that fucks up every now and then? We are all human right?

Many people will tell you, when President Clinton was in office, the economy was the best it has ever been before Bush came in and turned things upside down.

He has always had a wit and charm about him that has made him a known face in the deepest hoods to the Hamptons... until he was caught in a sex scandal with his assistant, Monica Lewinski.

Aside from his infidelity, Clinton was able to jump back and still be the respectable person he is now.

And that pisses people off.

The ability to jump back from any setback is key, especially if you do it with a smile.

However what makes Clinton the best person on this quick list is the fact that although everything hasn't always been in his favor, it's always good to have a person that understands the world and can play both sides.

The thing about all three of these fellas is that people love them and hate them at the same time. However, there work ethic and ability to still be in favor of the masses always prevails, and to the conservatives, they might not always understand it.

But, who cares what society thinks? 

These men have paved the way for us millennials. Don't you agree?

Let us know in the comments below!


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