The 20 ATL Honours The Most Influential Millennials In Music & Entertainment

This past Tuesday (January 17) Atlanta’s most influential millennials in music and entertainment gathered for a night of recognition and celebration curated by our very own, Karmen Rydem and Brandon Farmer.

Some honorees included Jacob Latimore, Gambino The Goat, Amber Grimes, Rachel Jackson and Malita The Mogul among many other talented individuals in the Atlanta entertainment industry. As honorees gathered at the tables, they were greeted by customized plaques with their names engraved, a complimentary 3-course meal and champagne provided by Belaire Luxe as a Trillion Candle burned at each table. This night was truly one to remember as Karmen Rydem started the program congratulating each influencer for all their accomplishments at such a young age.

We all know Atlanta to be a huge melting pot of innovative and creative individuals. Whether you’re a party promoter, music manager or event planner, Atlanta is a place where you can get the resources you need to achieve the results you want.

However, what separates this dinner event from the others is the ability to connect brands with these influential millennials.

This opportunity was presented to a select number of companies across the U.S. like Hpnotiq, Belaire Luxe, 103 Collection, B. Fragranced, Hip Hop Charades, Trillion Candle, The Destiny Collection, a lifestyle brand, Build Yourself Up and more. These brands had the chance to gift some of their products to these influencers in addition to setting us display tables to have a face-to-face interaction with guests.

Find out more about these brands below and be sure to check out their websites:

Hpnotiq stepped onto the scene in 2001 breaking the mold with their signature color and original flavor. Now, a whole new generation is discovering Hpnotiq, a premium blend of exotic fruit juices, french vodka and a touch of cognac. They are proud to say that they are back but in truth, that they never left. #since2001 - Find out more by logging on to  

The 103 Collection brand was founded by Delfondo & Melinda Herron, a husband and wife that simply started paying more attention to the ingredients in our everyday products. With Melinda having years of knowledge as a cosmetologist and Delfondo having a background in Science, the 103 Collection team of educated professionals can reassure that you will not find any of these harmful ingredients in our products and that they are not tested on animals.  - Find out more by logging on to 

B Fragranced LLC™ is a Chicago based Company founded by the owner Marilyn Jones in late December 2013. B Fragranced philosophy is simple; quality products at an affordable price that will enrich your appearance and accentuate your personal scent. They believe each scent should become your own, and should differentiate you from others. They have a passion for self-beautification through fragrances, fashion, style and accessories. Your scent and accessories should be the epitome of who you are, without saying much at all. - Find out more by logging on to

Build Yourself Up is designed to promote and instill self motivation into all individuals by constantly reminding others to Build Yourself Up when wearing our motivational gear. Our vision is to not only spread the word of being a self starter but to inspire people to be all that they can be in this world and to encourage them to live their life to their full potential. Never stop building.  - Find out more by logging on to

Hip Hop Charades is an interactive game where you race against the clock to outguess opponents acting out and giving clues for our everyday hip-hop lingo. - Purchase your copy at 

A Trillion Candle is an exclusive way to demonstrate your discerning taste for wealth and power. Each Trillion Candle features the highest-quality diamond that will be treasured for a lifetime. At the heart of each candle, a diamond dances in the lap of luxury. The diamond symbolizes eternity, prosperity and perseverance.  A Trillion Candle is never to be forgotten – when the outer shell has melted away, the diamond soul stays with you forever. - Find out more by logging on to

The Destiny Collection is a stationery boutique with stylish, customized stationery with a sassy twist designed to encourage and inspire you as you write. Their notebooks, journals, notepad's are original designs that you will not find in the stores. This collection was inspired by author Tanisha D. Mackin. - Find out more by clicking here

Blowfish Hangover is a powerful morning-after hangover remedy in refreshing, bubbly form. Blowfish’s formulation is recognized by the FDA as effective for treating hangovers. That’s fancy-talk for: It knocks out your hangover, so you can get on with your day. - Find out more by logging on to

YALA Naturals began as an idea between friends Dr. Aaron Schwartz (Board Certified Pediatric Dentist) and Daryl Weber. Recognizing the overabundance of unnatural and artificially-based tooth whitening products, they set out to create a healthy, natural alternative. - Find out more by logging on to

To view all the photos from Atlanta's 20 Under 30 Millennial Dinner, log on to:

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