Kenzie Tarantino - PLVY (Music Video)

There are many people that choose to do music to follow the trends, then there are some that choose to go against the grain and try something new. Kenzie, Virginia native fits into the category.

He began doing music at the age of 15 and has fell in love with the craft since. With experience, he's learned to channel his various Gemini moods through his music, which coins him as a versatile artist prepared for the journey.

Now living in Atlanta since 2005, he's inspired by the culture and fashion which plays a big part in his delivery with music that you'll instantly feel the minute you listen to his record. See what more Kenzie has to offer by checking out his latest video below and let us know if this is something good for your earz :)

Follow Kenzie on all social channels @KenzieTarantino


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