Raury Is The Sh*t: Why Giving To The Culture Will Grant Longevity

I literally stayed up all night watching Raury's videos. However, what makes a good video, is a good record, and vice versa which is now why I understand the huge hype around his name.

Now if you don't know about Raury, he is an Atlanta, GA rapper that has grasped the attention of some of music's biggest stars from Kanye West to Outkast. He mixes alternative rock and indie pop in his music, with a sultry voice that can appeal to pretty much anyone.

Raury is a force to be reckoned. That's his lane and that's how he wins.

Using his music as a platform to address social issues, specifically in our generation, the underlying messages and themes in his videos sometimes might even make you second guess the way you live your life. And that's exactly how he gives to the culture. 

He has started a movement that many artists are scared to begin, because of the fear that people might not like it, or whatever the case may be. However, I find that when you find a way to give a piece of yourself to the culture, you've then created a bridge for fans to relate/understand you.

I mean look at Jay Z, Rihanna, Beyonce or even Kendrick Lamar or J.Cole. If you listen to their music, it makes you react and feel a certain way not even to mention their videos. So if you are an indie in the game to simply make money. You might want to rethink your approach because a new era of music is approaching and it starts with Raury.

Check out my fav videos of him thus far: 

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