Hot New Hip Hop's On The Come Up: Meet Bishop Nehru

Bishop Nehru gets the On The Come Up treatment.


Hot New Hip Hop sits down with another Mass Appeal signee, Bishop Nehru. You may recall we hosted his labelmate, Boldy James, on a past edition in the series. The New York native takes us through his listening habits and influences, as well as the meaning of his name. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the 'Bishop' part is an ode to Tupac's character in "Juice," however the rapper also mentions the spiritual connotations associated with the word 'Bishop.'

The second part of his name, 'Nehru,' might be more unexpected, as the rapper reveals he took the name from the first prime minister of India, who was in cahoots with Gandi. Bishop also takes us back to the project that first got his name circulating, Nehruvia, and ultimately led to do a deal with his idol, Nas. He goes on to talk about his first meeting with Nas, as well as getting to meet MF Doom.

They wrap things up with discussion of his newest project, a joint effort with DOOM called NehruvianDOOM, as well as what's next for the rest of 2015. Check it out above.

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