Rest Well Chinx: 5 Must-Hear Songs From The Late Rapper

As many now know, Chinx, 31-year-old rapper apart of French Montana's Coke Boys was shot and killed in Jamaica, Queens this past week.

It was been confirmed that a car pulled up and fired into the Porsche killing Chinx and putting the passenger in critical condition. It was a sad day for the hip-hop community as friends like Jay Z, Meek Mill, Young Thug and many others have been paying their respects to the young rapper.

For many who do not know the back story on Chinx:

He was born Lionel Pickens in Queens, New York, and has been paving his musical path since an early age. Surrounded and influenced by some of the greats of our era, his sound is “I don’t want to fit in,” he says. “I want people to respect my music. I have the drive to be original and to stay true to who I am as a person and as an artist, and not create a gimmick with my artistry.” -- Clck here for his full bio

Our prayers and blessings go out to his family, it is never a good feeling to lose a loved one but also someone who had so much potential to be so much more. With that being said, in remembrance of Chinx, here are the top 5 songs we thought we'd put you on.

Whether you listened to his music or not, here are some of our favorite records and features of Chinx below: 

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