Up On Game: Why Leikeli47 Is Changing Our Perception Of Female MCs

Imagine walking down the street and seeing a girl with a ski-mask on rolling down your block. Just think about it... you have the vision?

This is exactly the kind of wild fantasies you will see while watching Leikeli47's recent videos. Native of New York, check out what Noisey had to say about the rising artist: 

She’s ageless, government nameless (with a rap moniker that sounds like an AOL screen name), won’t take any interviews (WTF? Hurry up!) and only speaks through her music a la Ghostface Killah during his very early Wu-Tang days and more recently The Weeknd. But like the intro “47 Gun Salute” suggests, that’s why we’re all checking for her.

Her assortment of ski masks vary from a black open mouthed one revealing a grill full of gold caps, to a cotton candy pink ninja-style mask with Wallabees to match. There’s also a semi-terrifying Lucha Libre-meets-John Wayne Gacy scary clown mask, and all we can see of her are her long flowing braids.

Still, all the bells and whistles of her disguise take a backseat to the music. While at first listen, she could be a hybrid of Rye Rye, Azealia Banks, and even Nicki Minaj, there’s much more going on.

Nowadays, to truly break into the crazy industry we know as music, there has to be something that truly makes you stand out other than the fact that you can dance or sing. Especially, as a female, the competition continues to get even more difficult. 

I say all that to say with Leikeli47 breaking into this industry as strong as she is, I think she'll definitely be making her mark soon.

Check out one of her recent records below that was also highlighted on Jay Z's Tidal playlist titled "Fuck The Summer Up" below:


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