Then & Now: 2010 Freshman Cover VS 2015 Freshman Cover

Let's start this topic off by asking what is the difference between hip-hop music then and now?

XXL's 2010 Cover vs 2015 Cover

Looking at the 2010 XXL Freshman cover you can pick about 5 good artists that are really impacting the music game right now.
Not saying the others aren't just as important, but we are speaking on terms of still making great music and selling records as of today which is June 4, 2015.
Here are some quick facts:  
1. J. Cole has had three(3) No.1 albums, one of them being Forrest Hills Drive which sold over 375,000 cds in it's first week. He also has No.1 records currently playing consistently all around the world. That statement speaks in its own.
2. Nipsey Hussle has gained the hearts of many fans around the world, easily popping up in cities making thousands of dollars. At one private event in Atlanta, Hussle made $60,000 by selling cds to 60 of fans.. That statement speaks in its own.
3. Wiz Khalifa has made an impact in the world by bringing rumors about marijuana to the forefront while still earning a placement on the #1 selling movie in the world Fast 7 earning over $1.5 billion. This past month, he also performed at the Billboard awards...not to mention with his shoes off...
I mean those aren't all the facts but should we continue?
I say all this to say, since XXL dropped its 2015 Freshman cover, where will this new generation of artists be in the next 5 years? Who do you think will last?
Not to mention Rae Sremmurd wasn't even in the mix, but thats another topic for another time.
Comment below and tell me what you think about this year's 2015 XXL Freshman cover and who you think will be impacting the music industry next?

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