Issa Premieres Latest Mixtape This Summer In Atlanta

With long locks down his back to his piercing hazel eyes, Issa is definitely well on his way to breaking into this industry. His distinctive look is one thing, but his ability to make good music is another.

Earlier last week, Issa premiered his latest mixtape titled This Summer at Hot Beats in Atlanta, GA. From the Happy Juice, music heads, to lots of friends and family surrounded, Issa played a handful of tracks off the album. Now if you look at the cover below, you'll notice the funky, hipster artwork that compliments his characterized face smack in the middle... kind of cool right?

That's not it though. From the tracks played, including my favorite Makaveli, all of them had their own message, own sound and own motive. Every track exudes some type of emotion. And every track makes you take a second look at the cover like 'how the hell hasn't this dude popped a single yet?

As we said earlier, Issa is well on his way to breaking in this industry especially with the strong head on his shoulders and team behind him. 

Check out his latest mixtape here or right down below:

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