Chilly Chills: The Rapper That Made Kanye West Smile

There aren’t many times we can catch Kanye consistently smiling. But Atlanta independent artist Chilly Chills sure did leave an effect on the Chicago native and Soulja Boy, as they were spotted dancing backstage to his single “Poppin In Here”. After Mr. West’s Birthday Bash performance, other guests like 2 Chainz, Cap 1, Fonzworth Bentley, and super producer Mike Will joined Yeezy backstage nodding to the hot record . 

Chilly Chills single “Poppin In Here” wowed West to the point that he repeated the song, and invited Chills to the studio (Street Execs). The pair then went to Compound, one of the largest venues in Atlanta with Drake, Future, and 2 Chainz, then met Hip Hop pioneers, Outkast at Waffle House where Chilly Chills recited his poem, Little Things That Amount to Much, paying homage to the legends. He particularly connected with Andre 3000 as the two had a private 15-minute conversation comparing their similar background and musical taste. The night ended as Kanye West, Outkast, 2 Chainz and Chilly Chills went back to Street Execs Studios and listened to Chilly Chills’ “Jesus Pieces”.

What a night for the indie artist out of Mechanicsville, Atlanta to receive several major co-signs in just one night! The icing on the cake was when Soulja Boy posted the clip of him and Ye dancing to “Poppin In Here” to his 1.5 million followers.

Click here to listen to the songs that made Kanye smile, Soulja Boy dance and Andre 3000 excited about the future of Atlanta hip hop, or you can check the video out below:



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