Listen: King Elway - 'Good Ol' Days'

From Atlanta, GA, southern rapper King Elway is bringing a different flare to the music scene. 

Delivering content-oriented music, he is pushing to give his listeners and anyone who loves good music something to truly enjoy. And honestly, he is definitely onto a good start.

But, that's not it though.

With music being his utopia its not difficult to get one of his records stuck in your head. Whether you are telling old stories with friends or playing his records at a family cookout, Elway's music is transferable for every occasion.

Some might describe it as timeless, easily relatable or even classic, which is very much true - but one thing is for sure, his quality will stick with many listeners.

Don't believe me?

Listen to his record "Good Ol' Days' right below and spark the conversation here.


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