WTF: Does It Really Matter If Drake Uses A Ghost-Writer?

"N*ggas want my spot and don't deserve it" says Drake in "Legend" off If Your Reading This Its Too Late - I mean come on, it's true isn't it? Don't act like you haven't heard the stories or read the posts. Yesterday(July 22), Meek Mill expressed his anger online towards Drake, while also claiming he uses a ghost-writer.

Now let's look at it for what it is. Drake makes great music. People love him. People love his attitude. People love his music and everything about this Canadian. Now don't you think - with Drake having this much success - there was eventually going to be some artist that loses it?

And honestly - does it really matter if he uses a ghost-writer?

There's factors called delivery, attitude, tone and melody that also play a large role in making an awesome record. On the other hand, let's say this was true (because I don't know what to believe) - what if he just uses other people's ideas as his own? 

At the end of the day, our generation is so messed up - that you never know if the beef is real or if it's staged. Drake's features on Meek's latest single "R.I.C.O" - where Meek claims Drake didn't write. 

So again - you never know. Whatever the issue is, I hope the rappers can get it resolved. Weigh in below about what you think and check out some of the craziest posts from stars and fans right HERE.


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