This Week's Vibes: James Fauntleroy - "Black Sea Ship Wreck"

Listen to James Fauntleroy's "Black Sea Ship Wreck." Although James Fauntleroy has been around for about six years, I get a Frank Ocean feel from this latest ballad he's dropped.

After taking a break for a couple days, he decides to get right back to his onslaught of new releases. Dropping off ten new tracks within the past few weeks, James decides to return today with another one, this time called “Black Sea Ship Wreck,” which was recorded back in 2009. “This is what I sounded like in 2009 :) I wrote every man right around this time.”

Listen to the syience-produced ballad and see how far James has come in the past six years. His new project, The Coldest Summer Ever, is still reportedly on the way. Stay tuned. (via)

Check out the record below and consider adding this to your playlist. 

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