IYDK: Learn More About Jersey Artist, Tropokana & His Come-Up

Life didn't come easy for Tropakana, both of his parents was involved in a multi-million drug operation out of New Jersey.  His father served 9 years in federal & state prison. His mother also served time, however she was still carrying Tropakana in her womb during her short, time in jail.

Tropakana was charged with selling cocaine 3 weeks before graduating high school. They say what don't kill you will only make you stronger & you guessed it, Tropakana grew strong from this. Tropakana & his father moved to Atlanta in 2012 from New Jersey.  He knew it wouldn't be an easy transition coming from a small town of 65,000 people to a major city with almost 500,000 people. Tropakana and his father came to Atlanta with a mission and that mission was to conquer any obstacles in their way. Two months after coming to Atlanta they had the opportunity of joining the Hot 107.9 school tour. This was right up Tropakana alley, considering he was on a major school tour in New Jersey that included Yazz aka Hakeem from the hit show Empire. 

Tropakana quickly became known in the streets of Atlanta as he would walk to the West End Mall a block away from his apt in Southwest Atlanta.  He performed at every open mic in the city, he was also a 2 time winner of the Battle Grounds showcase, which is a premier showcase in Atlanta.  Moving forward Tropakana gained stardom after he joined his own school tour with his fathers organization Fedup-4u. The tour reached over 65 schools a year covering GA, NC, SC, AL, OH, NJ, PA and more. The tour caught the attention of major labels, that offered their signed artist to perform on the big stage. This gave Tropakana the energy to turn up even more, considering he was an independent artist.  

On July 8, 2016 Tropakana released his first single "Rollin" & on July 19, 2016 he charted at #2 on the Billboard "Hot Singles Sales" chart. The message was heard loud and clear, Tropakana has arrived and he plans on staying for a while. 


"ROLLIN" Video

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