LosoLoaded Sundays: Cast Your Vote & Choose Tracks For His Project

Bases Loaded recording artist, LosoLoaded is gearing up for his untitled mixtape release and we want you to help us choose which record he should add on the tape.

Every Sunday, the Atlanta native will be dropping videos of exclusive tracks only on WSHH and we want you to help us pick records that might premiere on the project.

You know we trust your judgement.

Cast your vote below and let us know what you think:

Is this record mixtape worthy?
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The new Bases Loaded Records signee, LosoLoaded has stolen the spotlight recently with his infectious hooks, energetic flow and fun outlook on life.

Loso is presently working on his debut self-titled solo mixtape due out July 2016 and the anticipation is mounting. He recently appeared at Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash alongside Lotto Savage for the “Trapped It Out” performance. Loso also featured on Young Dro’s latest album Da Reality Show.

LosoLoaded is set to feature his labelmates Lotto Savage and Yakki, as well as Ca$h Out, Johnny Cinco and members of Loso’s Viking Life group: Psych 36OZ, VL Derty and VL Woe. The mixtape singles “Madden” and “Jumpin’” will both be followed up with visuals shot in Loso’s hometown. Overall the project is predicted to showcase Loso as someone who sets himself apart from those who have come before him.

Growing up in the 9th Ward area of Atlanta, Loso started rapping in high school and later became a group member of Viking Life under the name Trigga. He was inspired by the hip-hop scene around him, watching the rising fame of rappers like T.I., Gucci Mane, Future and others. Loso is a direct descendant of the streets and closely affiliated with street style rappers, but he’s traveling in another direction.

“I’m not wearing any dresses or painting my nails or anything like that,” Loso says, “but I have a different mindset. I’m putting out a more fun, good, soulful image. I’m more animated and not scared to be different.”

Loso’s enthusiasm is contagious whether he’s repping for his brothers on hits like “2 Many” or getting the girls “On Fleek” at a party. “There’s too many of us not to accomplish our goals,” he says positively. “There’s too many of us not to do what we what to do in life.” With every song Loso aims to be better, gain new fans, and accomplish greatness.

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