Next To Blow: Meet The Hottest Upcoming Girl Group, Levi Johnson

Hailing from the Eastside of Atlanta, Levi Johnson is an artistic and harmonious collection of rhythm, dance, and authentic cool. This dynamic trio was formed by renowned choreographer and creative director Jamaica Craft.

Boasting a hard-hitting, bass filled, and pop-tinged sound that's piercing to the core, Levi is more than just another girl group, these innovators have been bred for greatness. According to Levi it's "all about the vibe" and that's the mantra they live by, which is evident after the first listen. Heavily influenced by the 90's with their sound and street savvy appeal, Levi's forthcoming debut is sure to deliver something you feel!

Get to know more about the girls below and look out for them headlining at The Campaign ATL, in Atlanta, GA next Sunday.

All photography taken by Emilee (@aladyfromakron)


Kobe Johnson is a free spirited lyricist that has something more to say than your average bubblegum pop star. This Johnson comes from a pedigree of talent as her mom was a part of a popular 90's rap group Raw Seed and later a rock band Baby Jane and her dad was in a dance group by the name of GUESS. With her mother as her driving force Kobe is determined to keep the legacy going and make history with her girls, who just happen to be her best friends. 


For Dre Johnson singing was always second nature and before she could formalize a sentence she's been coming up with her own melodies. Born and raised on the east side of Atlanta, music has been Dre's first love from the beginning.When asked what she brings to Levi Johnson, she denotes the musicality and balance, as she's the cross between her counterparts Kobe and Alex. Michel Jackson, Whitney Houston, and John Lennon are just a few of her musical influences as she's inspired by their ability to bring people of different backgrounds together.  "We're determined to bring something the people can feel and do it with a fearlessness that only Levi Johnson can command!

If Katy Perry and Gucci Mane had a love child then her name would be Alex Johnson. Representing the Eastside of Atlanta, Alex had an opportunity at early age to do some acting and print work for commercials. After high school Alex picked up songwriting and became good enough to start pursuing it professionally. One session to another led to Alex being introduced to Jamaica after the buzz surrounding her songwriting skills peaked. Alex's around the way appeal and fly girl aesthetic was just what Jamaica needed to complete her vision and the rest is history.

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